Business leaders announce


a collaborative initiative to combat COVID-19.

Operation StaySafe is a mission-based coalition of like-minded industry leaders who have come together in order to address the urgent and expansive challenges for Americans living under the influence of a pandemic of unprecedented scale.

What first began as the individual efforts of Reliant Health Services, LLC and has since expanded into a coalition of companies of all sizes eager to help return Americans to work.

The core ethos that brings members of Operation StaySafe together is the conviction that we all have a part to play in the collective survival of the America we know and love – and that whether that role is great or small, it is essential. Irrespective of the form or capacity of an individual contribution, we know that each member of Operation StaySafe coalition strengthens the collective ability of every one of us moving forward.

In light of this belief, coalition members of Operation StaySafe resolve to:

  • Take action – whether large or small – to aid in the efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19

  • Come together to facilitate the open transfer of creative ideas and efforts in order to learn from one and other in the battle to save and improve the lives of those impacted by COVID-19

  • Collaborate openly, fairly, and in furtherance of the greater good to society

  • Pursue the highest levels of care, service, and scientific integrity in order to keep healthcare workers, first responders, and the public safe from COVID-19

  • Embody the philosophy that fast and accurate testing and treatment should be available to any and all persons residing in the United States, and the World, beginning with our efforts here

  • Dedicate time and resources at their disposal to maximize the reach and impact of this, and any further related public health initiatives

  • Help our society heal by taking action and building relationships and confidence for a better and safer tomorrow

The Operation StaySafe coalition is comprised of leaders pledging commitment to its cause – and welcomes all who wish to join in this noble effort in order to drive monumental change and make America safe.

We thank our coalition members for their willingness to participate, and we look forward to continuing to change the world together!

Join us today.

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